Magic of the Moon


Beautiful Ole Ole Dress

What Makes You Fall In Love ?

There are some things in life you just can't explain... Why you fall for a particular man, a certain song, an old movie. So it goes with the clothes you love. Maybe its the coziness of a big sweater or the excitement of an animal print. As with love, what seduces you ultimately is magic. As we enter uncharted waters in fashion, we will discover Magic of the Moon designs inspired by golden Baja days and moonlit Cabo nights. More sought after than the Maltese Falcon is the look of sexy, delicious and romantic apparel. 

To find it you need magic...
Defined as " A mysterious power that enchants"
and that is

Magic of the Moon!

Located in Cabo San Lucas,
69 steps up Hidalgo Blvd.
Between Hotel Plaza Las Glorias
and Pancho's Restaurant.
Phone and Fax: 01152 (114) 33161

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Phone and Fax: 01152 (114) 33161

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